The Palestinian American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham-Palestine) is a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce and AmCham MENA Council. It was founded in 1997 as a voluntary non-profit member-based organization by a group of private sector leaders in Palestine, with the aim of serving the Palestinian and American business communities and contributing to the development of the commercial activities between the Palestinian Territories and the United States of America.

AmCham-Palestine is regarded to be the national platform for Palestinian-American business relations, representing leading companies in all sectors that joined forces to make an economic difference. Currently, AmCham-Palestine is playing a crucial role in promoting business relations and partnerships between Palestine and American businesses believing that this role leads to economic growth, technology transfer and job creation in Palestine.

AmCham-Palestine membership stands at over 80 top and leading Palestinian and American companies representing nine main sectors in Palestine.

AmCham Mission

Promote business relations and partnerships between Palestine and American business that leads to economic growth, technology transfer and job creation in Palestine.

AmCham Vision

To be the focal point and the advocate for advancing Palestinian- American Partnerships, and actively engaged in enhancing the business environment that leads to sustainable economic relations between U.S & Palestine.

Strategic Objectives

Promote Palestinian – American Business Partnership and to provide needed resources, expertise and guidance for American Palestinian businesses to enhance investment and commerce.

Advocate and lobby with decision makers on enhancing business doing with the United States of America.

Provide capacity development and business development services for members to enable further advancement of their businesses and access to the United States of America and international markets.

Assist members expand their network of connections and provide them with reliable information and exposures to increase members’ business development ability.

Systemize organizational operations and financial sustainability and enhance membership participation.

Board of


Said Baransi_1
Said Baransi
Tareq Maayah_1
Tareq Maayah
Vice Chairman
Imad Khoury
Murad Tahboub_1
Murad Tahboub
Secretary General
Anan Anabtawi
Anan Anabtawi
Board Member
Adnan Kerish_1
Adnan Kerish
Board Member
Rami Sabi_1
Rami Sabi
Board Member
Reem Alsheikh_1
Reem Alsheikh
Board Member
Hisham Zaid_1
Hisham Zaid
Board Member

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